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Pandit Ashish on TV talking about Surya Grahan on 21 May 2012

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Get the accurate astrology prediction by Jyotish based on janam kundli, Name and correct use of Gemstones, Puja, Yantras.

from Pandit Ashish Kumar.

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Every problem of life has remedy in Astrology.

problems can be solved with your jaman kundli (Horoscope)

Try it once to believe it.


astrologyJyotishum vedanam chakchuhu” Hindu dharm shastr says Jyotish Bhagwan is the eye of the ved. Every knowledge and wisdom is in veda. As we see everything with our eyes the same way with the help Jyotish shastra one can see into the future of any human being. As well as all that has happened or, will happen in the future can be predicted.

With the knowledge of Jyotish shastra one can also calculate the right time for the right work known as muhurat. During the Ancient era only Jyoti (light) like elements planets planetary positions with knowledge was made easy predictable by jyotish vidhya and Jyotish shastri was able to understand it.

This like jyotish shastri with the knowledge of light could be called itself as light. Darkness can be removed only with the help of light. A persons darkness in life or the bad time and duration can only be predicted by jyotish shastra.

A jyotish shastri is the only person who can calculate and understand the best time of life and can explain it in right manner. Because he is the eye of astrological knowledge and light.

Pandit Ashish Kumar Tiwari consulting Astrologer, Numerologist, Vaastu Shastri. Panditji is well experienced in performing all kinds of poojas.

Pandit Ashish Kumar Tiwari has been a professional astrologer since 1995 with a specialty in Astrological interpretation and future projections based on Janam Kundli and life numbers. Panditji maintains a nationwide private practice based in Mumbai, Maharashtra India, with Local and Non-local clients, and are scheduled for appointments by phone and are available at client request.

Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu Counseling. Panditji manages a local, national and international pooja worship practice in addition to astrology based on janam kundli, and is a Professional Counselor in Vaastu Shastra.


numerologyPanditji is also Numerologist. Astrological Counseling, and Astrological General Studies based on janam patri. For more information counseling with Jyotish Shastri Pandit Ashish Kumar Tiwari call on numbers mentioned on contact page.

vaastu consultationPanditji emphasizes understanding of one's individual history as well as the deeper meanings and purposes behind the events in life today. Panditji believes that we are born with personal intentions and gifts and that our challenge is to find the path that will be most fulfilling in utilizing our unique abilities. As this is accomplished, each of us is then enabled to contribute our natural skills to the larger collective of society.


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Puja Path by Panditji.


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